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IX International Symposium on Evolutionary Economics "Finances and the Real Sector of the Economy: Interaction and Competition"

September 8 — 10, 2011



Center for evolutionary economics, Moscow, Russia

Institute of economics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

New economic association of the Russian Federation


IX International symposium continues a series of the symposia on evolutionary economics started in 1994. The upcoming one is devoted to the issues of the financial systems from the point of view of their long-term evolution and the overcoming of consequences of the current global financial crisis. The principal emphasis will be placed on using the evolutionary and institutional approaches for understanding the adaptation of the financial sector to the needs of the real sector of the world economy and national economies, including Russian. In particular, the competition for investments in the real versus financial sectors of the economy and available means for preventing "financial bubbles" in the future are going to be discussed. Among the other topics are the structure of the financial sector, perspectives for a new global architecture of the finances, the interaction between the real and financial sectors of the economy, including Russian.


Keynote speakers:

Charlota Perez (United Kingdom). Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital (theme is tentative);

Erik S. Reinert (Norway). How Rich Countries Got Rich... And Why Poor Countries Stay Poor (theme is tentative)


The list of topics for discussion:


  • Interaction of the real and financial sectors of the economy in a context of the fundamental economic theory

  • Investments in the real and financial sectors of the economy and its impact on short-term and long-term economic growth

  • Relationships between the hierarchical (vertical) and network (horizontal) structures in the banking and financial sphere

  • Institutional design of the financial and banking systems of the economy in comparative perspective

  • Factors related to the real and financial sectors influencing the post-crisis dynamics of the Russian economy and the modernization program


There will be up to 40 speakers and participants



Inquiries and submission of abstracts:


Abstracts (up to 200 words) should be submitted to the Organizing committee at

a-nech@yandex.ru Anatoly Neshitoj by the 10th of May, 2011

Final decision withy regard to the acceptance of the papers will be reached by the 31th of May, 2011. Authors of the submitted abstracts will be notified by e-mail


Contact person:

Tatiana Shatalova

(926) 346-85-52 (phone); (495) 697-25-51 (fax), shatalova-tanya@yandex.ru

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