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2013, Issue 3 (19)


Problems of Economic Theory

E.V. Zhelobodko, A.V. Sidorov, J.-F. Thisse
Monopolistic Competition vs Oligopoly in the "Large Economy": How Much Is Difference?

S.M. Ivashchenko
Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model with Banks and Endogenous Defaults of Firms


Studies of the Russian Economy

A.V. Isakov
Interbank Market Structure and Accurate Estimation of an Aggregate Liquidity Shock

A.V. Leonidov, E.L. Rumyantsev
Russian Interbank Systemic Risks Assessment from the Network Topology Point of View


Issues of Economic Policy

O.V. Buklemishev, Yu.A. Danilov
Effective Financial Regulation and Creation of the Mega-Regulator in Russia

I.G. Dezhina, Yu.V. Simachev
Matching Grants for Stimulating Partnerships between Companies and Universities in Innovation Area: Initial Effects in Russia


Hot Topic

New Regulatory Model for the Russian Financial Sector

S.K. Dubinin
Key Tasks of Development of the Russian Financial System

А.А. Handruev
Emergence of the Russian Model of Financial Regulation: At the Junction of Roads… and Interests

A.L. Savatjugin
Mega-Regulator for Russia: Not so Simple as We Would Like to See

J.M. Mirkin
Prerequisites and Consequences of Establishing Financial Mega-Regulator

А.L. Vedev
Mega-Regulator for Russia as an Institutional Problem and an Intellectual Challenge

M.Yu. Matovnikov
The Prospects of Creating a Financial Mega-Regulator in Russia

А.М. Karminsky
Developing a Toolkit for the Mega-Regulator

М.Yu. Golovnin
Creation of a Financial Mega-Regulator, and Modern Approaches to the Monetary Policy

Academic Affairs

S.G. Kokovin
"Academician" E.V. Zhelobodko: the Road to a General Theory of Markets

XV April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development


New Economic Association