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2013, Issue 1 (17)


Problems of Economic Theory

A.V. Savvateev
Coalitional Stability of a "Bipolar World"

A.V. Sidorov
Stability of Totally Agglomerated Equilibrium in a Multiregional Core–Periphery Model


Studies of the Russian Economy

A.M. Karminsky, A.V. Kostrov
Modeling the Default Probabilities of Russian Banks: Extended Abillities

D.Y. Chugunov
Impact of School Quality and Neighborhoods on Housing Prices in Moscow


Issues of Economic Policy

N.S. Antonenko, Ya.S. Galukhina, Ya.Sh. Pappe
Main Tendencies of Russian Big Business Development in 2000s

T.M. Maleva, A.O. Tyndik
Fertility Growth Potential in Russia: Lessons of the Megalopolis


Hot Topic

Round Table: New Approaches to the Methodology of Economis Analysis

V.S. Avtonomov
Abstractions in Economics

A.Y. Rubinstein
Normative Vector in Economic Analysis. The Second Discovery of Meritorics

A.M. Libman
Between New Political Economy and Political Science: Convergence and Divergence of Disciplines

R.M. Nureev
A Critique of Economic Determinism: Karl Polanyi’s Methodology

A.A. Auzan
Sociocultural Codes in Economic Analysis

P.A. Minakir
Spatial Analysis in Economics

F.T. Aleskerov
Game-Theoretic Modeling: An Attempt of Brief Discussion and a Forecast of Development

V.M. Polterovich
General Social Analysis and Reform Design


Academic Affairs

M.Y. Golovnin, T.V. Sokolova
Statistical Results of the Second Russian Economic Congress (Suzdal, Vladimir Region, February 18–22, 2013)

M.M. Lobanov, A.G. Pylin
The Second Russian Economic Congress in Responses of its Participants (Suzdal, February 18–22, 2013)


New Economic Association