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2012, Issue 3 (15)


Problems of Economic Theory

Ye.V. Balatsky
Technological Diffusion and Investment Decision

V.V. Popov
Why the West got Rich Before Other Countries and Why China is Catching Up With the West Today? New Answer to the Old Question


Studies of the Russian Economy

A.N. Vizgunov, B.I. Goldengorin, V.A. Zamaraev, V.A. Kalyagin, A.P. Koldanov, P.A. Koldanov, P.M. Pardalos
Applying Market Graphs for Russian Stock Market Analysis

A. Balsevich, S. Pivovarova, E. Podkolzina
The Role of Information Transparency in Public Procurement: the Example of Russian Regions


Issues of Economic Policy

P.V. Kryuchkova, S.B. Avdasheva
Public and Private Enforcement of Law under the High Risk of Type I Errors: the Russian Case

A.K. Solovyev
Pension Systems in the Context of Insurance Principles


Hot Topic

Round Table: On Pension System Reform

E.Sh. Gontmakher
Crossroads of Pension Reform

V.N. Bobkov
From Living Wage to Socially Acceptable Pensioner’s Consumer Budget

L.S. Rzhanitsyna
A Researcher’s Specific Approach

T.Yu. Kulikova
Pay-as-you-go Pension System is Optimal for Russia

E.T. Gurvich
Pension Policy in the Long Run: General Approach

B.S. Kashin
Scientific Basis for Pension Reform

T.G. Omelchuk
Development Trends of Russia’s Pension System

I.V. Soboleva
Alignment of Pension Age: Modernization’s Social Imperative

V.M. Polterovich
Stimulation of Savings and the Family Pension

Yu.G. Pavlenko
Pension System Financing in New Economic Policy Context

D.F. Shavishvili
Social Consequences of Pension Protection Reforming

A.Ya. Rubinstein
On the Eve of Next Pension Reform


Academic Affairs

A.V. Leonidov, A.V. Savvateev, A.Yu. Filatov
Second School of Interdisciplinary Analysis of Social and Economic Processes

M.I. Voeikov
First Political Economy Congress

S.Y. Chernavskiy
In memoriam of Oleg A. Ejsmont



Second Russian Economic Congress

XIV April International Scientific Conference «Modernization of Economy and Society

New Economic Association