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2011, Issue 12


Problems of Economic Theory

A.V. Karpov
A Model of Corporate Board of Directors Elections

D.A. Veselov
Market Failures and Government Failures in the Model of Transition from Stagnation to Growth


Studies of the Russian Economy

O.G. Solntsev, M.E. Mamonov, A.A. Pestova, Z.M. Magomedova
Experience in Developing Early Warning System for Financial Crises and the Forecast of Russian Banking Sector Dynamic in 2012

A.V. Bazhanov
The Dependence of the Potential Sustainability of a Resource Economy on the Initial State: a Comparison of Models Using the Example of Russian Oil Extraction
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Issues of Economic Policy

A.M. Karminsky, V.V. Sosyurko
Comparison of Bank Credit Ratings for Various Agencies

A.L. Lukiyanova
Wage Inequality in Russian Economic Transition (1991–2008): Stylized Facts and Explanations


Hot Topic

Round Table: The Mission of an Economic Journal.
The Third Anniversary of the Journal of the New Economic Association

A.Ya. Rubinstein
The Journal of the New Economic Association and its Readership: A Sociological Study

S.A. Aivazyan, A.A. Peresetsky
International Importance Issues of a Russian Economic Journal

E.V. Balatsky
The Role of Academic Journals: A Period of Uncertainty

Ye.T. Gurvich
Academic Articles and Economic Policy Formation

I.I. Yeliseyeva
Non-Jubilee Remarks about Russian Economic Journals

G.B. Kleiner
The Mission of an Academic Journal: Between Fundamental Approach and Topicality

A.M. Libman
Journals as a Selection Tool in Economics

P.A. Minakir
To Publish Impossible to Reject

N.M. Pliskevich
The Interdisciplinary Approach to Economic Realities

A.I. Tatarkin
An Academic Journal as Seen From the Country Regions

V.V. Radayev
An Electronic Journal: Specifics of Performance and Audience Analysis

M.Yu. Golovnin, I.E. Bogatova
Citing in Russian Journals

L.M. Gokhberg
The Journal "Foresight": Experience and Challenges

V.M. Polterovich
The Mission of an Economic Journal and the Institution of Refereeing

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