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2011, Issue 10



Problems of Economic Theory

A.A. Vasin, P.V. Nikolaev, A.S. Urazov

Mechanisms for Suppressing Corruption



M.V. Semenova

Bank Runs and Costly Information



Studies of the Russian Economy


M.Yu. Vassiliev, A.Yu. Filatov

The Models of Strategic Interaction Among Network and Generating Companies at Electricity Transmission Market



Ye.A. Kolomak

Efficiency of Infrastructural Capital in Russia



Issues of Economic Policy


P. Conway, T. Lysenko, G. Barnard

Product Market Regulation in Russia



A.Ye. Shastitko

Errors of I and II types in Economic Exchanges With Third Party Enforce-ment



Hot Topic

Round Table: Factors and Tendencies of Russia’s Regional Development


P.A. Minakir

Spatial Heterogeneity of Russia and Regional Policy Objectives


N.V. Zubarevich

"Window of Opportunities" and Regional Development Priorities


A.M. Libman

Integration of the Regions: Economic and Economic-Political Effects


A.N. Shvetsov

New Trends and Stereotypes of the Past in Present-Day Regional Policy


V.V. Klimanov

On Foundations and Tools of Regional Policy


S.N. Smirnov

Does Russia Have a Regional Policy?


O.V. Kuznetsova

Do We Really Have a Regional Policy in Russia?


L.M. Grigoriev

Predictability, Consumption and Investments: the Regional Situation


Ye.Ye. Skatershchikova

Anti-Crisis Measures of the Federal Centre and Their Efficiency


S.D. Valentey

Constituent Entities and Their Role in Economic Development of the Federal State


L.B. Vardomsky

On a New Model of Centre-Regions Interaction


M.M. Lobanov

The Formation of Industrial Complexes and Clusters Under Market Relations


B.Kh. Krasnopolsky

Property on Land Resources as a Principal Condition of Decentralization and Regionalization of the Russian Economic Development


Academic Affairs


Ye. V. Zhirnel’

The III Youth Economic Forum "Competitiveness of the Russian Economy"




The Second International Conference Institutional Economics: Development, Teaching, Applications

XIII International Academic Conference Modernization of Economy and Society

New Economic Association