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2011, Issue 9



Problems of Economic Theory

V.M. Marakulin

Contracts and Domination in Competitive Economies



Gaetano Lisi

Entrepreneurship, On-the-job Search and Informal Jobs

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Methodology of Economic Research


I.A. Boldyrev

Economic Methodology Today: A Review of Key Areas



Studies of the Russian Economy


M.G. Karev

Identification of the Bank of Russia's Preferences. A Simulation Approach



A.A. Yakovlev, A.V. Govorun

Business Associations as a Business-Government Liaison: An Empirical Analysis



Issues of Economic Policy


A.лю. Libman

German Economics: Mechanisms of Transformation



E.V. Balatsky, N.A. Ekimova

International University Rankings: Practices of Their Determination and Use



Hot Topic

Round Table: Demography and Demographic Policy in Russia


A.G. Vishnevsky

Birthrate, Mortality, Forecasts and Migration


S.V. Zakharov

Goal Indicators of Demographic Policy: Have We Chosen the Right Path?


V.A. Kozlov

The Vector of Family Policy As De­rived From Demographic Surveys


M.B. Denisenko

Demographic Trend and Forecasts


Zh. A. Zayonchkovskaya

Migration in Russia


S.M. Belozerova

Demography, Migration and Modernization


Ye.V. Tyuryukanova

Compensation of Population De­cline and Labour Force Shrinkage


N.N. Nozdrina

Notes on Some Migration Challenges


Yu.F. Florinskaya

Prudent Migration Policy Aspects


N.I. Vlasova

Paradoxes of Migration Policy


Ye.T. Gurvich

Long-Term Demographic Challenges and Pension Policy


A.Yu. Shevyakov

Economic Inequality: An Obstacle to Economic Growth


Ye.Sh. Gontmakher

Notes on Global Migration Trends


Academic Affairs


V.M. Polterovich

The New Economic Association in 2009-2011: Achievements and Plans


V.M. Polterovich, A.Ya. Rubinstein

On the Work of the JNEA Editorial Board in 2009-2010 and our Plans for 2011




The 9th International Symposium on Evolutionary Economics "Finances and the Real Sector: Cooperation and Competition", 8-10 September 2011, Pushscino, Moscow Region, Russia

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