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2009, Issue 1-2



Problems of Economic Theory


Vladimir I. Danilov

Modelling of Non-Commuting Measurements

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Fuad T. Aleskerov, Daniel C. Karabekyan, Remzi M. Sanver, Vyacheslav I. Yakuba

Evaluating the Degree of Manipulability of Certain Aggregation Procedures under Multiple Choices

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Valery M. Marakulin

Economies with Asymmetrically Informed Agents: the Concept of Limit Information

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Alexandr M. Karminsky, Anatoly A. Peresetsky

Ratings as Measure of Financial Risk: Evolution, Function and Usage

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Studies of the Russian Economy


Evsey T. Gurvich, Vladimir N. Sokolov, Alexey V. Ulyukaev

Analysis of the Relationship Between the Exchange Rate Policy of the Russian Central Bank and the Interest Rates: Uncovered and Covered Parity

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Sergey Y. Chernavsky, Oleg A. Eismont

Is Gas Cartel's Profitable for Russia? (A Case of European Gas Market)

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Pyotr L.Vilensky, Sergey A. Smolyak

Paradoxical Behavior of Production Sharing Participant

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Issues of Economic Policy


Natalia V. Zubarevich

Regional Development and Regional Policy in Russia During Ten Years of Economic Growth

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Mikhail E. Mamonov, Oleg G. Solntsev

Foreign Banks Expansion to Russian Banking Sector: Interim Summation, Perspective Analysis Effort

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Evgeny S. Gontmakher

The Pension System of Russia after the Reform of 2002: Challenges and Prospects

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Lúcio Vinhas de Souza

Russia's Recent Economic and Reform Performance and Remaining Reform Challenges

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Hot Topic

Roundtable Discussion. Economic Crisis in Russia: Causes, Lessons, Ways Out


Leonid M. Grigoriev

The Global Crisis and Russia

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Alexandr D. Nekipelov

The Crisis and Prospects for the Russian Economy

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Evsey T. Gurvich

The Origins of the Russian Financial Crisis

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Ruslan S. Grinberg

Collapse of the Radical Liberalism as the Main Cause of the Crisis

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Kseniya V. Yudaeva, Konstantin K. Kozlov

Factors behind the Worldwide Declines in GDP and Industrial Output under the Crisis of 2008

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Alexandr Y. Rubinshtein

Some Theoretical Considerations about the Nature of the Present Crisis

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Nikolay Y. Petrakov

How Can the Consequences of the Global Financial Crisis for Russia Be Minimized

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Vladimir I. Mayevsky

The Real Sector and the Banking System

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Vladimir V. Popov

The Memory of the Future: The Second Edition of the Drama of "The 1998 Crisis"

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Ivan S. Korolev

Will Russia be the Worst Victim of the Global Crisis?

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Sergey Y. Glazyev

About the Package of Anti-Crisis Measures

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Yakov M. Mirkin

A Long-Term Strategy for the Russian Financial Sector: Challenges of the Post-Crisis Period

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Victor M. Polterovich

The Economic Crisis in 2008: A Breakdown of Institutions and Views

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Academic Affairs


Victor M. Polterovich

The Association and the Journal: Our First Steps and Our Agenda for 2009


Svetlana G. Kirdina

A Theory for Policy or A Policy for Theory? (International Discussion in Yalta "Mixed Economy in the 21st Century", May 4-7 2008, Alushta)


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