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2009, Issue 3-4



Problems of Economic Theory


A.A. Vasin

Evolutionary Game Theory and Economics. Part 1. Optimality Principles and Models of Behavior Dynamics



S. Weber, J. Gabszewicz, V. Ginsburgh, А.V. Savvateev, А.Y. Filatov

Linguistic Diversity and Its Impact on Economic Policies and Political Decisions



A.Y. Knobel

Vertical Integration and Economic Growth: An Empirical Study




Studies of the Russian Economy


M.Y. Andreev, N.P. Pil'nik, I.G. Pospelov

Rational Expectation Model of Modern Russian Banking System and the Strong Turnpike Property



K.A. Sosunov, N.Y. Ushakov

Determination of the Real Exchange Rate of the Ruble and Assessment of Long-Run Policy of Real Exchange Rate Targeting



Issuesof Economic Policy


V.Y. Dementiev

Struggle for Nanotechnological Leadership: the USA, EU, China, Russia



L.B. Vardomsky

Russia's Economic Space in the Context of Global Financial and Economic crisis



V.A. Salnikov

Russian Industry: Major Trends under the Crisis



G.M. Sternik

Recession in the Market of Residential Construction and Real Estate in Russia



Hot Topic

Roundtable Discussion. Economic Crisis in Russia: Causes, Lessons, Ways Out


L.M. Grigoriev, M.R. Salikhov, S.V. Kondratiev, C.V. Agibalov, A.C. Ivaschenko, A.A. Kourdin

The Industrial Crisis: A Year After..., June 2009


V.V. Mironov

Influence of the World Economic Crisis on the Real Sector of the Russian Economy


A. A. Yakovlev

Influence of the Economic Crisis on Enterprise Behavior


O.B. Braginsky

Petrochemical Industry (review)


M.D. Abramov

Not only is the Crisis to Blame. Typical Stories of Small Enterprises in Printing Machinery


A.V. Scherbakov

Crisis in Domestic Mechanical Engineering by the Example of Manufacture of Electric Motors




F.T. Aleskerov

How to Prepare and Write a Thesis? Advices to PhD and Ms Students in Economics Studies



Academic Affairs


М.М. Dubovikov

The First Congress on Econophysics in Russia


A.Y. Rubinshtein

The Second International Conference in Yalta. The Global Economic Crisis. (May 5-7, 2009,

Alushta City, Ukraine)



New Economic Association