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2012, Issue 2 (14)


Problems of Economic Theory

E.S. Kutsenko
Path Dependence in Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity: Bad News for Empiric Research of Agglomeration Effects

E.R. Goryainova, T.I. Slepneva
Binary Classification of Objects with Nominal Indicators


Studies of the Russian Economy

Ye.A. Fedorova, I.Ya. Lukasevich
Index of Exchange Market Pressure (EMP): Specifics of Emerging Markets

O.G. Vasilyeva
Does Abundance of Natural Resources Impair Investments in Education? Case of Russian Regions


Issues of Economic Policy

A.K. Solovyev
Problems of the Insurance Pension System Formation in the Russian Federation

A.Yu. Chepurenko
What is Entrepreneurship and What Entrepreneurship Policy Does Russia Need? (Marginal Notes on Works of Modern Foreign Classics)


Hot Topic

Round Table: Economics of Culture - New View On Old Problems

A.Ya. Rubinstein
Introductory Note

M.V. Matetskaya
Concept of Cultural Branches in Research: Summary of Basic Approaches and Valuation Methods

V.L. Tambovtsev
Reasons for Baumol’s Cost Disease: Low Productivity or Cultural Stereotypes?

Yu.V. Avtonomov
Elasticity of Demand for Performing Art at Price and Income: Basic Results of Empiric Research

T.V. Abankina
Multi-channel Financing for Culture and Art: International Experience

E.A. Khaunina
Percentage Philanthropy as Additional Financial Resource for Social and Cultural Sphere

V.Yu. Muzychuk
Development Prospects for Russia's Culture in light of Strategy 2020 and Federal Law Draft "On Culture in the Russian Federation"

S.N. Gorushkina
Some Aspects of Cultural Needs in Russia

M.I. Zhabsky
Competitiveness of Russian Cinema

M.L. Magidovitch
Petersburg’s Philharmonic Traditions in Light of Modern Consumer Practice

A.Ya. Rubinstein
Trends and Regularities of Consumption in the Performing Arts


Academic Affairs

V.Yu. Muzychuk
Summary of Research Conference "Crucial Issues of Economics and Sociology of Culture" (Mosсow, April 18, 2012)

Academician V. L. Makarov’s 75-th Anniversary: Our Congratulations

New Economic Association