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2011, Issue 11


Problems of Economic Theory

S.G. Kokovin, B. Nahata, E.V. Zhelobodko
All Solution Graphs in Multidimensional Screening

V.C. Domansky, V.L. Kreps
Game Theoretic Bidding Model: Strategic Aspects of Price Formation at Stock Markets


Studies of the Russian Economy

A.Yu. Knobel
Inter-Industry Import Tariff Differences in Russia

K.K. Borusyak
Nonlinear Dynamics of the Russian Stock Market in Problems of Risk Management


Issues of Economic Policy

V.V. Popov
Do We Need to Protect Intellectual Property Rights?

E.V. Balatsky, N.A. Ekimova
The Comparative Reliability of the Global University Rankings


Hot Topic

Round Table: Problems of Post-Soviet Space Development

L.B. Vardomsky
Economic Growth and Regional Integration in the Post-Soviet Space

I.V. Zapatrina
On Selected Factors on the Path of Ukraine’s Economic Modernization

B.D. Khusainov
Mutual Trade of the Eurasian Economic Community Member-States: Trends and Specificity

E.S. Kurmanalieva, E.Y. Vinokurov
International Capital Flows in the CIS Countries

B.A. Kheifets
The Customs Union and Common Economic Space Are Boosting The Competition

T.V. Sokolova
Modernization in the Post-Soviet Space: The Social Dimension

A.B. Sukhotin
The Regional Aspect of Economic Policy and Characteristics of CIS General Development

A.N. Spartak
The Eurasian Perspective of Post-Soviet Integration

D.I. Ushkalova
Integration Projects in the CIS Region: Specifics in the Formation Process of Russia, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan Customs Union

L.S. Kosikova
Competition between Russia’s and European Unione’s Integration Projects in the Post-Soviet Space

V.R. Sidenko
Economic Competitiveness Factors of Russian and European Integration Processes in the Ukraine: Variant of a Comparative Analysis

A.M. Libman
Political Barriers for Economic Integration in the Post-Soviet Space

V.A. Bobkov, A.A. Volodkin
The Political Sphere of Eurasian Integration: Contribution and Hindrances (A View from Minsk)

V.Yu. Mishina, D.V. Turchanovsky
Integration Projects of Stock Exchange Industry


Academic Affairs


S.A. Dzyuba
The First Baikal Interdisciplinary Conference on Social Research

M.S. Mitkina
The First Steps of NEA Expert Council for Economic Reforms

New Economic Association