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2010, Issue 6



Problems of Economic Theory


A.M. Libman

Empirical Studies on Determinants of Decentralization: A Literature Survey



F.L. Zak

Taxation in Walrasian Economy




Studies of the Russian Economy


E.A. Artemyeva, M.S. Balandina, P.V. Vorobyev, S.M. Kadochnikov, M.A. Konovalova, O.V. Nikitina, I.V. Ostanin

Basket of Growth: Prospective Export Industries in Sverdlovsk Region



A.V. Mishura

Resource Dependence and Quality of Institutions in Russian Regions



Issues of Economic Policy


E.T. Gurvich

Reform of 2010: Are the Long-Term Problems of the Pension System Properly Settled?



C. Sprenger

State Ownership in the Russian Economy (Part 1): Its Scale And Sectoral Distribution




Hot Topic

Roundtable Discussion. Economic Crisis and Social Policy


E.Sh. Gontmakher

The Social Projection of the Economic Crisis


K.I. Mikulsky

Russia's Societal System As Main Barrier for Efficient Social Policy


R.I. Kapelyushnikov

The Labor Market: Why Have Catastrophic Forecasts Not Come True?


I.V. Soboleva

The Reaction on the Crisis and Strategic Risks in the Labor's Sphere


S.V. Kalashnikov

A Lesson for the Social Sphere


T.V. Chubarova

The Crisis and Investment into Healthcare


L.S. Rzhanitsina

Crisis Effects, Social Policy and Social Science


L.S. Degtyar

The Social Dimension of the Crisis: World Experience


M.I. Voeykov

Is There a System in Social Policy?


A.Yu. Shevyakov

Economic Inequality As a Result of the Crisis


Yu.G. Pavlenko

Social Policy under Modernization


L.I. Yakobson

The Weakness of Social Policy: The Fault of Authorities Or Symptom of Society's State?


A.Ya. Rubinshtein

Instead of a Conclusion



Academic Affairs


R.T. Sultimova

The National Prize in Applied Economics


I.I. Prokhorova

The XI-th International Academic Conference on Economic and Societal Development Problems


K.P. Yurchenko

The VII-th International Academic-Practical Conference on Problems of Economic Development "Sustainable Development of Russian Regions: Innovations, Institutes and Technology Transfer"


V.Yu. Muzychuk

International Forum on the Northern Dimension Partnership in Culture


New Economic Association