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2010, Issue 5


Problems of Economic Theory


A.A. Vasin

Evolutionary Game Theory and Economics. Part 2. Stability of Equilibria. Special Features of Human Behavior Evolution



M.A. Godunova

Influence of Import Tariffs, Accumulation of FER and External Debt on Economic Growth Depending on Stages of Economic Development



Studies of the Russian Economy


V.E. Gimpelson, R.Y. Kapeliushnikov, A.L. Lukyanova, Z.A. Ryzhikova, G.V. Kulyaeva

Ownership and Wage Differentiation in Russia



S. Coleman

Russian Election Reform and the Effect of Social Conformity on Voting and the Party System: 2007 and 2008

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Issues of Economic Policy


A.Y. Yudanov

Embodiments of Entrepreneurial Spirit: «Gazelle-Firms» in Russia



J. Kloudova

Expanse Creative Economy and its Impact on the Less Developed Regions



N.M. Pliskevich

The System of Low Wages as the Institutional Trap of Postsocialistic Economy




Hot Topic

Roundtable Discussion. Russian Banking System under the Crisis


M.V. Ershov

Financial Crisis: Some Aspects


N.S. Ivanova, K.V. Yudaeva

Russian Banks: How to Cope With Dead Calm


V.V. Inyushin

Development perspectives of Russian Banking System


M.Y. Matovnikov

The End of the Crisis is Near. Determining the Percentage of Depreciated Problem Assets


A.A. Khandruev, A.A. Chumachenko, S.V. Makrushin

Problem Assets of the Russian Banking Sector: Assessment and Solutions


Academic Affairs


A.Y. Rubinshtein

Statistical Implications of the First Russian Economic Congress (Moscow, 7-12 December 2009)


T.V. Sokolova

The First Russian Economic Congress: Views and Comments (Moscow, 7-12 December 2009)


T.V. Chubarova

Social Implications of the Crisis in Russia: What Crisis Programme Do We Need?


G.B. Kleiner

Growth Through Integration (about The International Conference on Institutional Economics: Development, Teaching, Applications. Moscow, the State University of Management, 17-18 November 2009)

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